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    Advanced Technology and Infrastructure

    The department of dermatology is committed to providing the best patient care there is. It offers a complete range of dermatology care services for both common and rare problems of skin, hair, and nails. The department is comprised of certified dermatologists with expertise in areas of medical and surgical dermatology. The department has indoor and OPD facilities for treating diseases related to skin, hair, and nails. The dermatologists at the department are highly qualified, skilled and have national and international reputation.

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    Commonly Treated Conditions



    Scaly and often itchy patches of skin develop. Its symptoms include red patches that have thicky, silvery scales, small scaling spots, dry cracked skin accompanied by bleeding, itching, painful, and burning lesions accompanied by soreness, thick nails and swelling and stiffness of the joints.



    Red, itchy rashes develop on the skin. Its symptom is altered colour on site of the rash. With medication, and creams, eczema can be treated.


    Alopecia areata

    Loss of hair occurs in clumps or patches. Its symptoms include hair thinning and baldness, tingling or pain in the region where hair loss occurred, skin irritation in the affected area and splitting and thinning of nails.



    It is a group of disorders of skin that cause blisters or sores on mucous membranes or skin. Its symptoms include painful blisters in mouth and beyond, skin blisters, and oozing, crusting, or peeling at the location of the blister. Treatment may involve medications, such as antibiotics and antifungals

    Scleroderma is an autoimmune condition that attacks the skin tissue.


    The skin and connective tissues harden and tighten due to excess production of collagen protein. Symptoms vary depending on the affected body part. It can be treated by managing its symptoms through medication and therapy.


    Raynaud’s phenomenon

    The body reacts in excess to certain situations. Its symptoms are cold toes or fingers, numbness, discolouration of skin and alteration of colour of skin to red with intense pain. It can be treated with the help of medications, such as calcium channel blockers, alpha blockers, vasodilators, sedatives, or neurotoxin. Nerve surgery may be done in some cases.

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    Being a Multispeciality hospital, we cater to the needs of the patient and maintain the highest standards of patient satisfaction. The vision and mission of CFC Multispeciality Hospital is to reach optimum levels of excellence in patient care. We deliver leading-edge healthcare to cater to the changing requirements of the growing population.

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    Qualified and certified physicians for quality medical care

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    Multiple disciplines have multiple demands and a sound infrastructure helps cater to them all.

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    We have expertise in handling a broad range of conditions.

    Dr. Annie Flora

    Dermatology & cosmotologist

    Dr. Mariatte

    Dermatology & cosmotologist

    Dr. Dhivya

    Dermatology & cosmotologist

    Dr. J. Priya

    Dermatology & cosmotologist

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    I would rate my overall experience excellent. Thanks to CFC Multispeciality Hospitals for making my pregnancy safe & healthy. I got excellent support from all the team members. I was very impressed by the service of CFC Multispeciality Hospitals . They are experienced in their field & provided me with the best care. I would highly recommend CFC Multispeciality Hospitals to all my family & friends.



    I had a very good experience in CFC Multispeciality Hospitals. I had a surgery done there and I must say that I was very well taken care of. I am happy with the treatment and the care that I received. Thank you so much.



    I had my surgery here in CFC Multispeciality Hospitals. My experience was good. Nurses and staffs were very friendly. The doctors are very polite and helpful. Hospital is very clean and hygiene. I like this hospital very much.



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