High Risk Pregnancy

A high-risk pregnancy is a pregnancy that involves increased health risks for the pregnant person, unborn baby or both

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Having a high-risk pregnancy means that the woman is more at risk of experiencing complications during her pregnancy. We care for women with high-risk pregnancies. We offer master, multidisciplinary care for women and babies who have difficulties before or during the pregnancy. We also provide complete evaluation and treatment of fetal illnesses. Women who do not have any pregnancy related complications are welcome for administration.

Woman expecting child meeting with health specialist in office, receiving consultation at medical appointment during covid 19 pandemic. Expectant patient and medic discussing about pregnancy.
Specialized or targeted ultrasound.
Prenatal cell-free DNA (cfDNA) screening
Ultrasound for cervical length
Lab tests
Biophysical profile

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What are the risk factors for a high-risk pregnancy?

Factors for High risk pregnancy
steps to promote a healthy pregnancy

In case your pregnancy has been identified as high-risk, you’ll need prenatal care more often. We offer tests for monitoring high-risk pregnancies, such as ultrasound and lab tests. Depending on the health condition of the women with a high-risk pregnancy, the doctors at CFC Multi-specialty Hospital might advise one or more tests.

The following factors can increase the risk of a high-risk pregnancy:

  • Age less than 18 or more than 35
  • Being underweight or overweight
  • Having low RBC count
  • Having gone through the birthing process more than 4 times
  • Having a previous preterm birth
  • Having lost a pregnancy before
  • Having a family history of genetic disease
  • Having had a child with a birth defect
  • Substance use
  • Having twins or triplets
  • Having a medical condition, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease

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I would rate my overall experience excellent. Thanks to CFC Multispeciality Hospitals for making my pregnancy safe & healthy. I got excellent support from all the team members. I was very impressed by the service of CFC Multispeciality Hospitals . They are experienced in their field & provided me with the best care. I would highly recommend CFC Multispeciality Hospitals to all my family & friends.
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