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Pregnancy scans help confirm that your baby is in a good condition and is growing healthily.

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Pregnancy scans help confirm that your baby is in a good condition and is growing healthily. In case, there are abnormalities in the baby, they can be revealed during a scan. Starting from the sixth week onwards which is halfway through the first trimester, pregnancy can be observed. In India, early pregnancy scans are recommended by the doctors between the 7th and 12th weeks of pregnancy to make sure that everything is normal. These scans are recommended to pregnant women generally and pregnant women who experience pain and bleeding during the pregnancy. Early pregnancy scans are done to determine the status of the pregnancy, the date of conception and to find out whether the baby is growing well.

To confirm the viability of a pregnancy
To confirm the presence of a heartbeat
To confirm single or multiple pregnancies
To confirm the gestation of pregnancy by finding out the size of the pregnancy sac
To rule out ectopic pregnancy
To check if the pregnancy sac is situated within the uterus
To confirm the presence of internal bleeding

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Early Pregnancy
Ultrasound Scan

An early pregnancy scan can be performed in two ways: either transabdominally or trans-vaginally. At 7 to 11 weeks of pregnancy, trans-abdominal scans are done. These are called ultrasound scans and are performed by a well-trained sonographer in the hospital. In the procedure, the mother has to drink a glass of water to get a good view of the baby as the bladder assists the echoes of the ultrasound to reach the womb. The sonographer applies gel over the abdomen and moves a handheld device called a transducer over the skin to obtain images of the baby. In case the images aren’t clear, the doctor may recommend a transvaginal scan. In a transvaginal scan, a lot of gel is applied to a vaginal transducer to aid in its lubrication to easily enter the vagina. Then the transducer is inserted into the vagina. Once it is inside, sound waves bounce off the internal organs and transmit images of the interior portion of the pelvis onto a monitor.

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